What’s good friends? Welcome to Ticker Talk, a collaborative project to make some gains and track our progress along the way.

All of our crew uses different brokerages, so to showcase our trades we’re using paper trading apps. This month we’re experimenting with the simulator at Investopedia for the options trading and our main platform is Wealthbase.

We’re not pros and this will never have Technical Analysis or charting. These picks are based on our opinions and trends we perceive. Basically at the mercy of momentum, so proceed with caution. …

This is my take on the 2020 elections before the debates take place. Let’s start with a realistic slate that slightly favors Trump with a 204 to 199 electoral college vote count with 135 up for grabs.

Red States: North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, Indiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Nebraska, Utah, Kansas, Montana, South Carolina, Missouri, Texas, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio

Blue States: California, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, DC, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Hawaii, Maine, Virginia

Tossup: Florida(29), Pennsylvania(20), Michigan(16), North Carolina(15), Arizona(11), Wisconsin(10), Minnesota(10), Colorado(9), Nevada(6), New Mexico(5)…

The following content is not a traditional article, or even an editorial by journalistic standards. It’s more akin to a cloud of thoughts I’ve had since the strike in Iraq. Feel free to comment below.

Like most average Americans, I have no clue what’s happening in the Middle East. Since 9.11 there’s been the perception that ‘they’ are the enemies, and a threat to our way of life. But ‘they’ is an ill-defined collection of stereotypes having been otherized — Muslims and brown people with olive complexions. Nationality and heritage having no rational meaning — Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan —…

One of the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges

A quandary looms over many crypto enthusiasts around the globe. In 2018, the multibillion dollar question is which coin(s) will Coinbase support next?

Coinbase is one of the hottest companies in tech right now, serving as the primary entry point for many people new to the cryptocurrency space. Many Americans buy their first Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum through the app, boosting those coins respective values from volume of customers alone. It stands to reason that any other coin to be added would experience a spike in trading and price. Brian Armstrong, the CEO, recently stated on CNBC there would be…

Ask 10 people to explain Bitcoin and expect 25 descriptions in return. Traditional answers include digital cash or digital gold; some denounce Bitcoin as a bubble, scam or ponzi scheme. It may be all those things or none, that’s for you to decide. Explaining to friends, and understanding myself for that matter, tends to be a long process. Ergo, I’ve decided to write some stories about Bitcoin and the cryptoverse as I understand them. Fair warning — I know little about finance, but enough about technology to be intrigued by the concept.

Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system…

Lootbox Heroes

Cryptoenthusiast. Occasional author. Political dissident. Pro Lucio.

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